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Unwanted - Electronics

Clearing clutter one computer at a time

What We Accept:

Desk Top Computers  

Laptops and Net books

Pads / Readers / Players

Portable DVD Players

Cable / Satellite Boxes

Any Computer Insides

Printers / Scanners / Others

Cell / Office / Home Phones

All Peripherals / Externals

Radios / Stereos / Portables

VCR / CD / DVD /

Blue Ray Player - Recorders

Digital Cameras

Digital and Tape Camcorders

MP3 and Other Players

All Wires and Connections

Voice Sound Recorders

And Any Other Electronic Device

WE also Accept:

But We Also Will Pick Up

These Recyclable Items With Your E-Waste

Air Filters / Air Conditioners

Small Kitchen Appliances

Microwave Ovens

Light/ Fixtures / Wires

Lead Acid Batteries

All Wires / Copper Pipe

Aluminum / Brass / Stainless

Kitchen / Bathroom / Faucets

Stainless Steel Sinks

BBQs ( but not the tank)

WE do accept tvs and monitors but there is a charge please contact us